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Claire Pelletreau was just starting to grow her side business as a Facebook ad and marketing consultant when her full-time job disappeared. Desperate to land enough clients just to pay the bills, she was disappointed at how difficult it was to find real tactical advice that would help actually her get paid month to month. The Get Paid Podcast is Claire’s attempt to pull back the curtain on the reality of running an online business. All these people pulling in “six figures” - how are they ACTUALLY doing it? What kind of money do they take home after expenses? What are those expenses, anyway? Are they truly “solopreneurs” or are they supported by a team? What does that team do for them? How are they marketing their offerings and growing their lists? How long did it take to get to where they are? You’ll discover how different entrepreneurs get paid and what it costs them to bring in that money.

Aug 11, 2022

🎉 It’s our 200th Podcast Episode! 🎉

This week, I’m sharing a very honest and open behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to put together a podcast, specifically how we choose guests, the workflow for releasing episodes, and what I’ve learned along the way.

Get out your champagne 🥂 and celebrate with me. 

And really, thank you so much for being here as a listener. I truly appreciate everyone who tunes in to the Get Paid Podcast.


This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • How I choose guests. Believe me, I do NOT want to have the same story on repeat—even if it’s good—over and over again.
  • Which guest pitches I love and which ones I totally fucking ignore.
  • From full-on ranting in my solo episodes to a more scripted approach. What do my listeners like most? 
  • Is consistency really key?
  • The process I use that helps us keep things organized
  • Where you should place ads in your podcast episodes.
  • Do Instagram posts for episodes really move the needle on downloads?
  • If your friends stop listening, does it mean they don’t love you anymore?
  • Is the unpaid time you put into your podcast actually worth it?
  • Podcast audience or email list -  which is more important to me?
  • From my life: Buying a house and going on vacation with kids. The good, the bad, and the totally messy/ugly.


Mentioned in this episode: 

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The strollers we LOVED on our family vacation:


The mastermind I mentioned:

Stacy Boehman


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